Monday, February 24, 2020

Ask Yourself: So, what?

You’ve all heard the dictum to list your benefits. List as many benefits of your product as you can and hope that the person that comes to your website will read most of them. This way, it will overcome any objection they may have and you will score a sale. But, have you read your own list of benefits to see how compelling they are? Have you taken the time to really sit down, pretend you are a visitor to your site, and read the benefits on your sales page. And, more importantly, have you dared to ask yourself: So, what?

Why The Question Is Important

Most sales objections are pretty common from one buyer to another. They think a product is too expensive, or they think a product is too complicated. They don’t have the money right now, or they wanted it in a different color or size. But, there are many people who don’t have a vague idea of why they should buy and are just showing up because some link on the Internet landed them there. They may even be a part of your demographic, but they weren’t thinking of making a purchase and so they have no objections. The only thing they think is :”So, what?” That’s right, the same question that you should ask yourself may be the same question that millions of other people surfing the web may ask themselves. If you know the answer to that question, you know how to compel people to buy your product.

Read Each Benefit Out Load

Okay, benefits are usually bulleted on a sales page with the best benefits near the top. So, start at the top of the list and read the first benefit out loud. Then, pause. And, say to yourself out loud too: “So, what?” You see? Do you believe the “so, what?” or is your mind overcoming the objection for you? If you have compelling copy that “So, what?” is going to seem absolutely ridiculous to utter. However, if the copy isn’t up to snuff, your so what will generally plant a doubt in your mind and then that will help to lead you to the proper way to frame that benefit in the future.

Eliminate Doubt

Okay, you said: “So, what?” You realize that there was some doubt. The question just made you aware of it. So, you have to pinpoint why that doubt arose. What in the copy was not clear or compelling enough to erase that question from ever arising? What can you do to make sure that even if someone says, “so, what?” they will feel excitement and interest at reading that benefit and continue down your list. You will know when your sales page is ready when you read down the list, ask yourself that question, and realize it has no relevance whatsoever! The points are addressed, they are clearly stated, and they make the right emotional and intellectual appeal. Once you have this technique down, your copy will get exciting, compelling, and almost irresistible on the people who land on your sales page.