Sunday, May 19, 2019

You Should Have A Facebook Page If You Are An Internet Marketer

Being an Internet Marketer is a serious job if you expect to make any money at it. Any successful marketer will tell you that money is never going to shoot out of your smart phone or laptop. It doesn’t matter how lucrative the opportunity is, it will never work if you don’t.

Some brand new marketers balk at the thought of spending a little cash to invest in their own business and that is where they make their biggest mistake because the tools and courses that they can purchase might make their business life a whole lot easier and it will give them a professional appeal to those that they are trying to connect with.

People need to feel that you are taking your business seriously or else they’ll head right on over to your competitor who is because they need to know that when they invest their money and time in something, it isn’t just a fly by not scam, something shoddy and that if there is a problem, it will be handled correctly.

A free blog doesn’t scream professionalism, unfortunately and yet that is the route that many choose to go in. Paying for a domain name, preferably their own name for their first domain, web hosting and a shopping cart as well as some sort of email autoresponder like Aweber will propel their business to bigger and better since they will not only look the part but because of their professional tools, they’ll be able to better server their customers.

Business tools don’t have to be super expensive. For example, Aweber is less than $20 a month and it will enable you to collect names and email addresses in order for you to be able to make contact with them whenever you like. Through your auto responder you can send out timely broadcasts as well as pre-programmed lessons that will come directly to your readers email address.

Web Hosting from a company like Hostgator is a little less than $10 a month. A domain from Godaddy will cost you less than $20 for the year. This gives you a professional edge that many others won’t have.

Your blog will be under your control, meaning that you won’t have to comply with another companies rules about what you can or can’t blog about. Imagine having a blog for a year or two and then one day you unknowingly post something that is in violation of their Terms of Service and bam, your blog is deleted. All that work down the drain and for nothing. A few dollars is well worth the peace of mind. You’re the boss of your own domain and no one can tell you what you can and can’t do on your domain as long as it is legal.

You really don’t know how often this type of thing happens and while some knowing violate a company’s Terms of Service, others do it accidentally, just because they neglect to read the fine print. Ouch! It’s really better to start out right if you can and if not, as soon as you’re able to, start getting your business tools.

Invest in you because if you don’t take your business seriously, know one else will either. Many fail to realize that a home based business is still a business and you can’t treat it like a hobby unless you aren’t really interested in earning. Save money in other areas of your life, where you can because what you do regarding your business, could prove to be very lucrative. How much would you like to see your business succeed?

There are also some great tools that cost you nothing to use, like social media and if you’re not making use of them, you’re really missing out.

For example, most people have a Facebook profile and might even occasionally mention their product or service on there but Facebook actually provides a space for your business by allowing you to create a free business page. You don’t have to pay for anything extra like advertising on Facebook, unless you want to.

Your business like page allows you to gather and audience and communicate with them and while this shouldn’t take the place of your blog or email auto responder, it can be a great accompaniment to them.

You can use apps on your Facebook page to do various tasks like showcasing your Youtube video, sharing your Twitter feed, shout out a fan of the day, and to collect names and email addresses for your emailing list. Your business page should be used to promote your products and services but that isn’t the only thing that it should be used for. Would you want to see a steady stream of buy this and buy that all day long, every single day? How long would you stay a member of that type of page? Probably not for very long because that can become annoying really quick.

Use your business page to provide value to your current and prospective customers. Share your world with your page members and let them get to know you. People do business with people, let them know that you are a real, living, breathing person with real feelings. Make your page a positive and informative spot and people will flock to it and invite their friends. Give people a reason to purchase from you. It doesn’t matter what type of business you are involved in. All businesses can benefit from maintaining a business page on Facebook.

If you aren’t already using this free tool, head on over to Facebook and get started on your business page. Your business page will allow you to keep your business in the spotlight, on a daily basis.