Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Email Autoresponders Help Automate Internet Marketing

Once you decide to start a business, there are a lot of tasks, some big and some small, that come along with that decision, like product creation, purchasing samples and
auto shipping, setting up an affiliate program, joining affiliate programs, starting a new blog, writing for and maintaining a blog, participating on social media
websites, book marking, emailing and making sales. This may seem like a lot, depending on the business route you take but if your business is successful it will all be worth the time, money and thought that you put into your business.

There are a few ways that you can automate some of the tasks that you’ll need to do. Automation can be a huge help to a business owner because it frees up time for
other things like creativity or even time off with the family. List building is very important, no matter what type of business model you are using, no matter what kind of advertising methods you are employing. Your list is a great way to connect with your subscribers on a much deeper level. Autoresponders help you to automate the list building and emailing process.


Without a list building service such as Aweber, MailChimp or Constant Contact, you would have to manually collect names one at time and if you are given permission you’d be
able to add them into your email contacts. When you were ready to mail you’d need to figure out who is who so you don’t send the wrong message to the wrong person. It’s not uncommon to have 2 or more different types of lists when running a business.

You’d also have to make sure that your emails where legally compliant, making a way for all of your subscribers can clearly see your address along with providing a link that will allow them to unsubscribe to your emails if they choose. Forgetting one of those two things even one time could land you in some trouble. People could press the spam button when they see your emails and you wouldn’t have a leg to stand on if your emails weren’t up to par, meeting all legal requirements.

Also the size of your list would be limited by the amount of time that you could spend creating it. You wouldn’t be able to collect names in the middle of the night while you
sleep the night away or during other times when you might be extremely busy. But if you were using an list building service, it would be so much easier for you. Your squeeze page, the place on the internet where people can easily and readily find your
list sign up, opt in box, would be up and ready to go twenty four hours a day. You could spend time promoting the page where the sign up is available instead of gathering names one by one which can be a slow and tedious process. You could gather names, email addresses and more without much effort, besides promotion of your list opt in, while you were sleeping, having lunch with your family or out at the market or even while you’re playing golf with your friends.

Your emails will be legally compliant and you can schedule them to go out at the exact time of your choosing. In fact, you can write out follow up emails that each and
every subscriber on your list will see whether they sign up with you now or two years later. Try that with regular emailing and see how frustrating and tedious that can be.
Once you set it up, the process is hands free for collecting precious information that will allow you contact your subscribers again and again. You can basically set it and forget it with follow up information that you’d like to share and then send on the spot,
broadcast, emails too. If your list was set up to provide training to your Direct Sales or MLM team members for example, how easy is it to just provide them with a link to sign up so they can receive your training right in their email.

If your handcrafted business is having a sale on jewelry, you could let all of your subscribers know. You could even create special sales and promotions just for your
subscribers that the general public never sees. When your newest digital product is ready you can just write a quick email to your list and watch the sales pour in. You list can be very beneficial to you.

A cool freebie such as a free report, interesting articles, ebook or useful product, will have subscribers swarming into your list and if you treat them right and
provide quality, they’ll look forward to opening your emails. There are list building auto responder services to fit all budgets, including free. Think about all of the people who may run across your blog or website, are you willing to let all of that traffic just go to waste. Chances are they might not ever cross paths with your site again but if your opt in box to your list grabs their attention and they sign up, you’ll have a chance to connect with them in a deeper way, for the benefit of them and your business.

It’s best to start out building a list at the same time that your start your business but it’s never too late to start automating if you already have a business.