Saturday, December 14, 2019

Creative Packaging to Reel Customers In

Ever walk by a display window and stop to stare? Was it the items being sold that got you to stop or the way they were presented? Odds are it was a little of both, but with the presentation carrying more oomph as it sets your window apart from all the other windows in that mall. So, why not use the same strategy to set your products apart online? This can be done by offering creative packaging to your customers that reels them in with either curiosity or excitement and makes them stampede into your online store.

What Draws Attention

Bright colors and creative displays can help to draw attention, especially for the younger crowd. Are you trying to sell iPods? Don’t just put an image up with an iPod all by itself, show a group of young people sharing an iPod with one ear piece. This is a form of “display window” that is online and can be quite persuasive.

If you are doing videos, why not put up skins around the videos to set them apart from all the other sites out there? You can put up some colorful chrome video frames to help the images pop on the page. The same can be done for your copy by using colorful fonts and colors to emphasize particular words or features of your products.


How about creating a fruit basket of packaging for several of your online products? Whether you actually package them together, show images of using them together, or just offer them as backend offers to add to the order at checkout, you are bundling and packaging your products creatively to increase your bottom line. Even if only a third of your buyers take you up on it, it can mean quite a bit of money in your electronic cash register.

Pull Them Into The Window

What about using applications that pull people into interactive games, quizzes, or polls that help them go from a voyeur to someone who is actively engaged with your products and business? This gives you two benefits. One, you can actively solicit feedback to improve your products and services via these methods. And, two, you can give people a free taste of some of your offerings by promotional offers, discounts, or “thanks for playing” offers.

Custom Packaging

Now, if you can find a way to help the customer determine their own packaging for a product, you’ve got it made. Online buyers, for the most part, want to buy products and services they can’t get elsewhere in a manner that they specifically customize. So, if you have a way to engage them to help them customize their buying or browsing experience, they will fall in love with your online store and visit it again and again, even when they might not have a single thing in mind to buy. That’s because they will want to “imagine” the possibilities with the tools you provide on your site, do research on how to bundle various wants together in one package, and see if you are offering new promotions or tools that can help them with their needs.