Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Add Some Fun To Your Product Promotions!

How many websites have a home page where you have a search engine with a catalogue that a buyer can browse? Many of them do now, and this is a standard way to market your products online. It may be a bit boring, but it does have its place in online marketing. But, what if you were able to add some fun to your home page and sell your products at the same time? Wouldn’t that make your product promotion more memorable than the rest? Probably so.

Interactive Fun

People who are online are generally familiar with interactive elements like radio buttons, multiple choice boxes, and clicking with a mouse, right? So, why not engage your customers by teasing them with fun games and activities when they hop online? An example of this might be pop up boxes that offer a funny cartoon or video related to the site and promotes a product. Or, it can be a survey that asks people to participate in exchange for a discount coupon.


Polls are very popular, both on social networking sites and on private websites. They are easy to use and people love to answer and question and see how they compare to others who gave their opinion. It can be a great way to generate community and add some spark to a discussion too.


What if you have a bit of a competitive streak in you? Well, you can develop quizzes for people to gage their level of expertise in a topic and see how they rank against others who completed the quiz. You can even use that as a spring board to offer infoproducts that discuss more about the topic of the quiz or help to improve performance in that area.

Virtual Tools

If you create a virtual tool that allows your customers to imagine how buying a particular product will impact their lives, it will help to sell the product more. For instance, if you were selling wigs, you might create a tool that allowed you to upload an image of your face and then adds the wig on in a virtual try-out of the product. Of course, it will take some development work, but this is the type of interactive tool that can really increase your sales.


This feature is good for a membership site, where people want interactive features to help them connect with others. It can also be used to provide customer service help for customers who have questions or problems. Anything that allows more real-time interaction with other people is a great plus, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be contact with you directly. It can be contact with other members, contact with online sales representatives, or technical troubleshooters. As long as they are engaging your website in ways that engage them completely, you will have more and more of their attention. Ignore them or keep the same stale site, and you will be very hard-pressed to generate interest on solely the strength of your products alone.