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MLM Industry For Retirement? How the MLM Is Booming in 2016

Multi-level marketing, otherwise known as MLM, one-on-one marketing or even in simple terms network marketing, has become the famous form of selling home based business available today. Huge network marketing companies including Amway, Avon, Herbalife, Mary Kay, Tupperware or Kirby escalated over the last decades, offering high-quality products at discount prices.

Forbes, a world re-known leading Internet media company, with millions of readers has dug into the MLM industry and the idea of a home business blueprint from an entirely new point of view. This trusted platform is accessed daily by hundreds of thousands of avid businesspeople, investment leaders and anyone involved with business coaching, who are always searching discover new investment opportunities.

Per the article titled: “Would you Like to Join a Multi-Level Marketing Business For Retirement Income?”, the well-famed Forbes contributor and author, Robert Laura, explains the main advantages of joining a MLM company after you retire.

MLM – A Booming Sensation

At some point or another you experienced, you’ve crossed paths with a MLM enthusiast hard selling you to jump on board his or her MLM business, elaborating on this “once in a lifetime” opportunity. The spiel is typical-and universal across MLM companies selling anything from lipstick to weight loss shakes-working with us will allow you to work from your couch in the basement, you control your own destiny and monitor the amount of hours you put in, and have the opportunity to make hundreds, if not millions right out of the gate. Does this sound familiar?

The MLM sales person goes further, by describing that you can go as fast or slow as you want, as well as having the help of all the people around you. The business coaching is excellent and they will help you create your own home business blueprint. You get all the access to the products, make a boat load of money and meet all these new people. This sounds easy right?

Needless to say, this sounds fantastic when you see the photos, presentations and promises of booming paychecks. However, there’s an endless debate among connoisseurs if whether these online business offerings are legitimate. To highlight this industry, Robert Laura in conjunction with other contributors from Forbes, decided to dig deep and take a hard look at the erupting network marketing industry.

Their research within the MLM industry indicated that these companies and individuals are growing exponentially and could be a serious solution to correcting America’s retirement saving crisis. With enough business coaching and always adapting to your home business blueprint, things can start working in your favor should you jump into an MLM company. One of the underlined themes of their research is that retirement tends to be more about psychology than about money.

As with everything, money is an essential cog in retirement. However, they say it is not the most crucial aspect of retirement… After some exhaustive research, the recent eye-opening statistics from American Association of Retired People, tends to tell a little different story. Over 50% of all potential retirees (which is approximately 76 million US citizens), are willing and able to embark on their new business. That is stunning when you think about it… these guys and gals aren’t so quick to hang ’em up and hit the golf course. They are intrigued and interested in jumping on a new business to create additional wealth. That means they are basically storing up enough cash to have until they are at the ripe old age of 62.

MLM Industry Becomes a Necessity

After reviewing their numbers & statistics, it shows that the average Fifty year old has a retirement account or savings account with less than $50,000. Thus, there needs to be another way for these people to generate money to live their life and live nicely. Naturally, people tend to gravitate towards something they like doing… and with the MLM industry, there are plenty of things that make sense and coincide with the things we love to do… Forget the business coaching, the cold calls and the home business blueprint for a second. Travel, work out, cosmetics, etc. are all the main products within the top 100 MLM companies.

As these people get to the age of retiring, they are pretty sick & tired of working for the same company, boss, etc. for the past 20, 30 and even 40 years. So, obviously, they are looking for something new, different and fun. Something that they can do from home, or at the ease of their computer & phone. Their frame of mind shifts to enjoyment, rather than the monotone doldrums of clocking in and out every day, from 9 to 5. They want to do more and enjoy life.

MLM companies throughout the industry all have various ways of bringing new people into their down-lines, recruiting new members, etc. One great thing that they are known for is the business coaching and teammates around to help a person learn, grow and succeed in their new life. These companies and their business model concept are unique in that they promote and encourage everyone helping each other. This dynamic is extraordinarily helpful when a lone person is creating their home business blueprint. Retirees capitalize and realize great things (other than money) within their MLM companies; it gets them out and about the community, they create new friendships and relationships, as well as just keeping them busy and their mind sharp.

However, as great as this sounds, this older generation of the workforce (as well as ANYONE else jumping in the MLM industry) needs to realize that this is a business just like anything else. If they were going to start a McDonald’s franchise, they would be exerting a lot of time, money and resources into making that store blossom. The MLM industry and the idea of having your “own business” is real, but since that person doesn’t have as much “skin” in the game, in regards to money and resources, the effort isn’t always there. In order to achieve financial freedom and success, you have to listen to business coaching, work hard and try and create a home business blueprint. These things are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the work, effort and determination once must have to grow their business, which in turn provides a residual income for their retirement.

They Like to Make New Friends

Recently, I spoke with a friend that retired and joined a health & beauty MLM company. Her primary reason for taking the plunge was not financially motivated, but rather she wanted to create new friendships and meet new people. I guess it’s a pretty nice perk to make a few extra bucks when you are trying to make new friends around the community.

Being that this program isn’t her number one priority, she admits that she does not frequent the team meetings, presentations, house parties, etc. She works a little bit more independently, but has been successful in generating a nice income (which she later admitted to using the funds on spoiling her grandchildren).

After doing a little bit of reading and research about the MLM industry, I have learned that there is a whole demographic of our society that values these opportunities. These people grasp the idea and concept that they don’t want to make a million dollars in 6 months, so they don’t’ cement the expectations that they will right off the bat. Since their focus isn’t primarily “dollar bill” driven, using these MLM companies to network and create a new life of relationships, they accept that this is not a “get rich” overnight program, thus they don’t see the negative hype about the industry. Business coaching, presentations and chasing down their friends and family are not their priorities. The industry gets a bad name because of a lot of people over-selling the “pie in the sky” dreams of being a millionaire over the next couple of weeks. That’s just not the truth. This industry takes work, patience and time to generate the residual income within your home business blueprint you want.

Reinforcing my observation within retirees and the MLM businesses throughout the world, I will let Daria M. Brezinski Ph. D, an extremely well known and professional psychologist (and former marketing director within a famous MLM magazine) state “”There is a misunderstanding that MLM companies try to rip people off. The truth is that the success of these companies comes from what they do, which is meeting a number of basic human needs, such as having connections, feeling important, making a difference and learning new things.”

Dr. Brezinski is 100% accurate in her statement of MLM companies. The majority of people diving into the MLM industry are still working their 8-6 jobs and cannot afford to quit to try a home based business. No matter what kind of business coaching they receive, or how strong they think their home business blueprint is (or isn’t), it’s difficult to exert a lot of effort. On the contrary, these people do encounter a feeling of freedom. As Dr. Brezinski notes, “when the basic human needs are met, people do not need or want to focus any longer on the financial aspects of life.”

MLM veterans all over the world will tell you that in order to make money, you need to treat it as such. On the other hand, these people also need to keep their day job in order to keep paying bills, put food on the tables, etc. This then causes a big time crunch, or loss of personal time after your day job or one (1) of the jobs lacks 100% effort. It’s difficult to find a happy medium, but in order to achieve your financial freedom within your home business blueprint, you will need to put in the work. All the experts, providing business coaching, will tell a person about to jump in the MLM industry, that they need to invest in themselves, rather than trying to find a new MLM company or secret.


From my experience and research in the MLM sector, as well as the interviews in this article, indicate that the MLM industry can bode well for anyone trying to create a new business opportunity. They are especially beneficial to seniors looking to supplement and fund retirement accounts, make new friends and/or change up the pace of life. The MLM industry has been climbing in popularity the past 5-10 years and only looks to climb even higher over the next decade. If you haven’t already, start working on your home business blueprint, research business coaching and find the best MLM company that suits your style. Get on board now and capitalize on this opportunity.

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