Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Create A Good Income By Becoming An Internet Marketing Coach

Now that you are an established successful business owner you have experience and knowledge that you didn’t before.

I want you to think about how you felt when you first started out and were an internet marketing newbie. You might have felt a lack of confidence and unsure about really putting yourself out there. You might have had big dreams but lacked the know how to
bring them into fruition. So many are drawn to the allure of making it big on the internet and are making next to nothing simply because they don’t have the necessary
skills and training to make their dreams a reality. Simple tasks may seem like huge mountains that they can’t move. You probably faced similar frustration over tasks that seem impossible back then but are now so simple. You have the drive, the know how and can get the job done. You’re seeing some real success in your business and people may
be following you because they want to get to the position that you’re in right now.

But, in the beginning of your business career did you lack the necessary skills to really get your business rolling and the proper training and etiquette to market yourself on the internet? For now many successful business owners, the answer to
that question will be a resounding yes, because not many people know exactly what steps to take or what needs to be done in order for them to become successful when they are
first starting out. It is usually through trial and error, lots of searching, trying, failing, trying again, learning what you can for free, achieving small success and eventually utilizing paid training from credible marketers that brings them to a higher point of understanding. Things that never clicked before suddenly fall right into place when you learn which tools are necessary and how to do this task or what order you should do certain tasks in.

Why is that? Well, having the proper guidance from someone who has been there and done that can make all of the difference to a newbie who doesn’t know the difference
between PPC and PTC, domains and websites or blog and Vlogs. Someone who has internet marketing knowledge, knows what it was like when they didn’t and they can best show their clients which pitfalls to avoid so they can progress faster. Having a helpful guiding hand to show them the way can ease their frustration levels and help propel their business towards success faster because they now have a blueprint. Having a business coach could be likened to using a map to travel to a land that you’ve never been to before. How many people would just take off for a destination without a clue of how to get there or without knowing which type of transportation they would need? That would be kind of silly, right, because they could literally wind up anywhere like a different city or even in another country. They might have a boat with them, when in fact they need an air plane or they might have skis but need a car. They wouldn’t know where to turn or when to stay on the road without veering off without some type of GPS, map or other form of travel directions. Ultimately they would end up lost and confused.

Not knowing and failing at various ventures and tasks are reasons that many newbies give up so quickly. But what if they had someone who cared about their success and who for
a fee was willing to share their expertise, failings and tips in order to give them an easier way to reach success. Having a great coach could mean for some, the difference
in making all the right moves or dancing to the wrong beat.

You’re successful, you’re establish so why not let it be you that guides and helps them. You could provide training to those who really need it and who are willing to pay for
it in the form of:

Ebooks – Train them.
Articles – Share tips.
Slides – Make learning fun and easy.
Images – Motivate them with pictures.
Memberships to your training center – They can get your training each and every month.
Videos – Let them learn and get to know you.
Audios – Give them something to take on the go to the supermarket or gym.
Reports – Help them to focus on a task.
One on one training phone calls – Provide extra training.
Visits – For higher priced clients, if this is possible.
Webinars – Train your audience at one time.
Live events – Bring your audience live and direct where they can see you and learn from. An interchange of encouragement for your audience and clients.

You really can make a decent income by sharing your expertise and experiences with those who truly want to learn. Knowledge is power and that is worth money. Everyone doesn’t want to struggle and go the hard route when there is someone who can pave the way for them. People notice when you’re doing well and will sometimes come to you and ask for training because they recognize your expertise in a certain area.

Have any of your blog readers, subscribers and other followers asked if you could provide assistance or training on a specific point that would help them towards
making their business successful? Your expertise could be in demand with you really realizing it. Think of how many people you could help with the different
aspects of business that you are knowledgeable about.

There are so many people on the internet who wish that they had a hand to guide them and steer them the right way, someone honest who truly cares about their success. Is that you?