Thursday, April 9, 2020

Is Building A List Really Necessary For Newbies?

By Alice Coaxum

Unfortunately many new to internet marketing, underestimate the power of a responsive list and so they do everything else under the sun besides building a list.
They get involved on various social media websites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Ning social networks. They advertise their products, blog, present various ideas and tidbits about themselves but at the end of the day, that contact is gone and they may never reach those people again.
On Facebook, a person could simply unsubscribe to your feed so they never have to see your status updates again and you’d never know or they might have tons of friends and your wind up lost in the sauce of their feed. It happens and then your left wondering why you aren’t getting the responses that you desire.
On Pinterest, one who may be so into your pins one day, might not be the next or they might not even be following you. They might have saw your pin through someone they followed and even clicked through to your site, but when they got there, there wasn’t anything to attract their attention enough to keep them coming back on their own.
We follow many people on Twitter and it’s all to easy to miss someones post, simply because you weren’t on around the same time and you’re seeing countless other posts in your feed.
But what if there were a way to actually capture those people who breeze by your page so you can pull them back there again. This is what a list does for you. It gives you a way to stay in contact with people, no matter what time of day or no matter which website they’re on at the moment because you contact them directly in their email inbox.
You can use your list to provide value, show you care, answer questions, promote your products, announce your newest blog posts and more.
There are various list building companies like Aweber and some offer free list building, like MailChimp so if you don’t have a list, I suggest that you start building one.
Place the optin box in a prominent area of your website so it can easily be seen. I suggest the upper right corner, before the fold.
Use PLR content as a cool giveaway, like a report or a series of articles to entice people to sign up. Treat your list like gold and people will stick around. Remember that behind every email address lies a real, living, breathing person.