Monday, February 24, 2020

Build your business through Article Marketing

Marketing through articles is one of the very traditional methods used by businesses since mass media came into existence. It helps the promoters display their expertise in their respective markets, products and services.

In this era of marketing through internet, article marketing is one of the best methods for lead generation by driving traffic to your website and blog. At the same time, there is a cut throat competition online that you have to deal with. By following certain tips and techniques, you can grab the attention of your reader and trigger a call to action.

  • Build credibility by sharing knowledge

An article is not a sales copy and should contain a wealth of information to the readers. The goal should not be to sell products and services but to provide knowledge for free. When readers find you are an expert in your subject you will build the credibility needed and they will automatically come to you for the products and services that you provide. Good content will also multiply by readers themselves promoting by sharing on social media platforms. This increases the targeted traffic to your website.

  • Do keyword research

Keyword research is the method of balancing the popularity of a keyword against its competitiveness. Since you are spending time and effort on writing articles, you want people to read them. Articles with keywords that are well researched are more likely to appear in search results. You can check the KEI (Keyword effectiveness Indicator) to decide on the keywords to use. Keywords that are rarely used and those that have very high competition have low KEI. Depending on the popularity of the topic that you choose and the keywords that you are focusing on, you can decide the frequency of the keywords to use. You can hire an SEO expert to perform an in depth keyword research if needed.

  • Publish articles at different environments

The Internet is an open environment where there is no restriction to publish your views on various platforms. You can publish your articles on article directories that are reliable like This will build the viewership of your articles. You can then look at publishing on social media and make it more interactive. There are also niche business forums that you can publish your articles to get targeted traffic to your website. Make sure that you read the terms and conditions before publishing article to any forums.

  • Build a contact list

You should ensure that people identify themselves when they visit your website or blog and read your article. You can capture the name and email IDs of potential prospects who are visiting your website looking for some valuable information that you provide. If they find useful information that they are looking for, you have virtually built a sales winning relationship that helps in generating more leads. You should also provide your email or contact along with the article mentioning the specific services that you provide. You can also have quizzes and provide expert opinions and particular topic or provide a free 10 minute consultation session online or over phone. This will establish you as a trust worthy business and who provides solutions to problems.

Writing and publishing is a very powerful medium to build business and credibility online. It gives you a valuable exposure and helps building long term relationships with customers and partners.