Thursday, April 9, 2020

Are You Struggling To Come Up With Content For Your Blog?

By Alice Coaxum Most people are excited when they start a brand new blog on self hosted WordPress, at Blogger or any other blogging website. They usually have a general idea of what they want their blog to be about and they are just buzzing with ideas. They want to share a little of this […]

Blogging for a Living

Online blogging sites such as WordPress and Blogger are now a major tool for savvy Internet entrepreneurs to make money quickly. Although there has been some criticism of the “blogosphere” – as some people will insist on calling it – for being a window on a world of moaning teenagers, the simple truth of the […]

4 Reasons to Keep Your Blog’s Homepage Simple and to the Point

(via BloggingPro) Whether you’ve been blogging for years or are new to the game, the appearance of your homepage has a huge impact on your audience. Similar to a job interview, it’s the first impression you make on your readers, so it’s important to get it right…

Blogging – Is It Worth The Effort For The Home Business Entrepreneur?

A few years ago all the gurus were screaming “You’ve got to have a web site” and they were right. Now we are being told “you have got to have a blog”. But is this true and are they really worth the effort? At least blogs are easier and cheaper to set up than web […]

Blogging For Money – Keep Them Wanting More

Blogging for money is not rocket science; in fact, you could probably blog for money by blogging about rocket science. It’s a straightforward proposition. You set up a blog about a topic in which you are interested and which you can make interesting for your readers; they read it; and you sell advertising based on […]

Seventy Tips for a Fantastic Business Blog

(via “The first thing you need to decide when you build your blog is what you want to accomplish with it, and what it can do if successful.– Dawson,    Whatever role you play in the wide world of business marketing – from small business owner to…

Blogging And Adsense – The Perfect Profit Partnership

At present we hear more often that adsense is used as an effective tool to display contextually relevant advertisements of a company or product on the website. If a visitor clicks on the advertisement to check it out the advertisement poster earns a percentage of revenue. Many webmasters are increasingly used the Google Adsense model […]

Blogging Tips for WAHMs

Blogging is one of the best ways to start a Wahm business because it is so easy to get going. However, that does not mean that it is easy to make money from your blog. Don’t start a blog and expect to see money rolling in immediately. Blogging is an activity that will take time […]

5 Reasons Why Blogging is the New Internet Marketing Tool

Blogging is a concept that started in late 90s. It used to be a way to comment an existing webpage, an opportunity for visitors and readers to react or voice out one’s opinion on the said page. What started as a single-sentence commentary has evolved into pages of personal take on just about anything and […]

Blogging For Business Owners

If you run a small company, you may find that the world of blogging for business owners is a world that you want to be a part of. Blogging is a great way to get the word out to consumers about your product or service, and it can even be useful for inspiring employee loyalty […]