Friday, February 22, 2019

Maximize Your Potential

The Internet is a global marketplace, and allows people living in small villages in one corner of the country to trade with someone half way across the globe in a similar village. Twenty years ago, such trading would have been enormously tricky and would have taken a lot of time – by which point a […]

Getting a Website

In order to make money and become successful in Internet business, the first thing that you will absolutely need – after the obvious computer – is a decent website. It is easy to recognize the companies who are not on the ball with internet business, because their websites look unprofessional and old. When the internet […]

Blogging for a Living

Online blogging sites such as WordPress and Blogger are now a major tool for savvy Internet entrepreneurs to make money quickly. Although there has been some criticism of the “blogosphere” – as some people will insist on calling it – for being a window on a world of moaning teenagers, the simple truth of the […]

4 Reasons to Keep Your Blog’s Homepage Simple and to the Point

(via BloggingPro) Whether you’ve been blogging for years or are new to the game, the appearance of your homepage has a huge impact on your audience. Similar to a job interview, it’s the first impression you make on your readers, so it’s important to get it right…

What’s next in social commerce for video creators?

(via Pando Daily) By Prince Boucher On November 12, 2013 Can good video content stay free forever? We’re used to consuming video for nothing almost everywhere on the Web, but content worth watching is sometimes pricey, or at the very least, time-consuming to produce…

Outsourcing Using the Internet

Sometimes in business, as skilled as you may be, there are things that you are unable to do. A customer will come through with a very specific brief and, although you will be able to do most of it, there may be a part of the job that poses you problems and prevents you from […]

Blogging – Is It Worth The Effort For The Home Business Entrepreneur?

A few years ago all the gurus were screaming “You’ve got to have a web site” and they were right. Now we are being told “you have got to have a blog”. But is this true and are they really worth the effort? At least blogs are easier and cheaper to set up than web […]

Blogging For Money – Keep Them Wanting More

Blogging for money is not rocket science; in fact, you could probably blog for money by blogging about rocket science. It’s a straightforward proposition. You set up a blog about a topic in which you are interested and which you can make interesting for your readers; they read it; and you sell advertising based on […]

Build your business through Article Marketing

Marketing through articles is one of the very traditional methods used by businesses since mass media came into existence. It helps the promoters display their expertise in their respective markets, products and services. In this era of marketing through internet, article marketing is one of the best methods for lead generation by driving traffic to […]

Seventy Tips for a Fantastic Business Blog

(via “The first thing you need to decide when you build your blog is what you want to accomplish with it, and what it can do if successful.– Dawson,    Whatever role you play in the wide world of business marketing – from small business owner to…